Not Your Muse Collab

Instagram: @not_yourmuse

The artist “Not Your Muse” may be young in years, but her attention to her surroundings, which she draws inspiration from, displays a maturity unveiled by her artwork. The meaning behind the pseudonym “Not Your Muse” is deeply rooted in the ideology: every woman should be her own muse and creative force. This artist’s immense level of freedom of expression is realized in her distinct style.  The seductive but nameless artist’s voice is discovered amidst acrylic paint and a new perspective.  

 Her work hangs in major galleries and auctions platforms, such as Damon Dash Studios, Athletes for Art Auctions (in partnership with the NFL), Buzz Art Auctions, and Avant Gallery, to name a few.  “Not your Muse” pieces can be observed on popular television shows, at exclusive nightclubs, decorating major record labels headquarters and fashion houses throughout the U.S.  “Not your Muse”  clientele range from Hip Hop celebrities, to Professional athletes, as well as sophisticated art connoisseur's looking to add to his or her collection.  

 Her canvas manifest the mysterious, creative’s imagination and courage, attracting anyone with tastes from trending pop culture sensations to timeless aficionados of affluence and she receives international recognition as her audience expands.  As her fan base continues to grow, this beauty is unquestionably an artist to watch.

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